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Oak stoves can be used with either wood or coal.​~~~~~

Parlor stoves can only be used with wood.

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Made by Co-operative Stove Co., of Cleveland, Ohio, this large size 1886 parlor stove is in great condition. The patterns on the front and side doors are really charming, and it has cook lids beneath its filigree top piece.

This antique stove:  $2250.00

Helper No. 223

Union Air Tight No.2

Patria No. 17

Round Oak H51

Herald Oak No. 16

Oakleaf No. 25 parlor stove

Hub Oak No. 218

Made by Southern Co-op Foundry, Rome, GA, this antique pot belly style stove stands 37" high with a 20"  footprint and a 17" firepot. A classic medium size pot belly with a large size firepot. Awesome heater.

This antique stove: $1250.00

Dixie No.17 pot belly

Made  in 1851 by Warnick and Leibrandt of Philadelphia, PA, this stately wood parlor stove is 26" high,with an 18" firebox. Highly decorative with patriotic wreath and shield patterning and columns. Beautiful and rare.

This antique stove: $2200.00

Made by Estate of P.D Beckwith of Dowagiac, Mich., this extra large baseheater is a premium antique stove. It stands 74" high, with a 29" footprint, and 17" firepot. Patented 1907, the Round Oak H51 has three sides of mica windows and doors, and its original Indian head finial. Quite an amazing stove!

This antique baseburner:  $8200.00

This  resplendent Round Oak heater was made by Estate of P.D. Beckwith, of Dowagiac, Michigan, 1910. It stands 58" high, with a 16" firepot, for use with wood. Very beautiful nickel on this stove with the wave design in the skirt, and the illustrious nameplate and leg covers. What a wonderful stove!
This stove:
sale pending $2550.

Made by Chicago & Erie Stove Co., Erie, PA, and dated 1882, this early baseburner stands 58" high with a

 22" firebox and 28 x 26 oval base. Beautiful nameplate, very ornate legs, and three mica windows.Great heat.

This antique stove:  Sold!

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Made by Smith Anthony Co., Boston, this extra heavy large size oak stove stands 62 1/2" high with an 18" firepot for wood or coal. Solid cast iron main door with writing and patterning, gives a furnace-door look.

This antique stove:  $3950.00

By Rathbone & Sard Co. circa 1910, this large size double heater oak stove stands 64" tall with an 17" firepot for wood or coal. Six big screened  mica windows, and wings to reflect the glow. Great stove.

This antique stove: $3850. Sold!

Gorgeous oak stove made by O.G. Thomas, Taunton, Mass.. 63" tall, 16" firepot. 4 mica windows and beautiful nickel trim and finial. Perfect!
This antique stove:
Sold! $3500.00 

Thorne Windsor detail

Palace door detail


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Acorn Oak finial

Acorn Oak No. 161

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Patria tiles and windows

A look inside the Round Oak H51

Herald Oak detail

Restored Antique Stoves

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A New York stove, with 14 ceramic tiles of a daisy design, and 6 doors with mica windows, (80 in all), the Patria is a very unique and beautiful stove, with lots of daisy and leaf patterning all around. Designed for use with coal, the stove stands 46" high, with a 22" base, and three sided view of the fire glow. Circa 1900.

This antique stove: $3750.00

​Beautiful baseburner by Scranton Stove Works, 1905-1910.  Standing 66" high, with a 27" base,15" firepot, this stove has 70 mica windows and a removable coal chute extension.

This antique stove:  $7650.00

Round Oak M16

Acorn Oak No. 170

Thorne Windsor v-16

Made by E. Bement & Sons. of Lansing, Mich, this 1889 large oak stove stands 60" high, with an 18" firepot and 30" footprint. Three mica windows, copper and nickel finial, unique design and patterning.

This antique stove: $2650. Sold!

Palace Oak No. 18

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Dixie door detail

Round Oak nameplate

Acorn Oak detail

Union Air Tight detail

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By Rathbone, Sard & Co. , circa 1900, the Acorn Oak has 6 mica windows, ornate nickel, and a beautiful brass acorn finial. !6" firepot, and 61" high. Gorgeous!

This antique stove:  $3850.00

A handsome oak stove with a rounded door of mica windows, giving it a baseburner look. Made by Lakeside Foundry Co., circa 1910, this stove stands 53" high with a 24" footprint and a 16" firepot.

This antique stove: $3650.00


Medal Dockash No. 155