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 Art Manhattan No. 120  

Art Manhattan No. 120

Made by Eugene Munsell and Co,, NY, in 1891, this base heater has 6 doors with mica windows, a coal magazine, and a beautiful blue portrait tile. The original finial looks to be a statue of a young Dutch boy. It is 52" high with a 21" base, and 12" firepot. More pics available on request. What a great stove!

This antique stove: $3850.00


Detroit Jewel No.23

Aptly named, this gem of a stove is made by Detroit Stove Works of Michigan. A good size parlor stove, the Detroit Jewel stands 43" high and has a 24" x 28" footprint. A very stately stove with grape and floral design all around. 

This antique stove:  Sale pending  $1950.00

 Detroit Jewel No. 23
 Superior Radiator No. 11  

Superior Radiator No. 11

Made by Bridge Beach Co., of St. Louis, MO. this furnace parlor stove stands 54" high with an 11" firepot, and 23" footprint. Beautiful winged brass finial, mica windows to view the fire and two yellow daisy ceramic tiles. Very heavy cast iron- an amazing heater for its size. 

This antique stove: $3450.00
 Red Cross Oak No. 118  

Red Cross Oak No. 118

Made by Co-operative Foundry of Rochester, NY, this large size oak stove is really decked out with exquisite nickel trim and a tiled finial.  Standing 60" tall, with a 28" base, and an 18" firepot, this one is a rare find.

This antique stove:  $3750.00

Vesta No 19 

Patented 1871, the Vesta is a historic parlor stove, made by Sherman Jewett and Co., Buffalo, NY.  It stands 47" high, with a 21" footprint. Covered with beautiful early patterning designs and crowned with a resplendent finial, this is surely an heirloom keeper.

This antique stove: Sold!  $1650.00

 Vesta antique parlor stove
 Spark antique parlor stove  

Spark Parlor Stove

Made by Bergstrom Bros nd Co., or Neehah, Wisconsin, the Spark is a smaller sized parlor stove standing 40" high and with a 21" x 18" footprint. Very pretty and has nice mica window to view the fire, and lots of nice ornamentation. 

This antique parlor stove: $1250.00

 Sylvan Red Cross No. 133

A beautiful 1892 parlor stove with 4 aqua ceramic tiles, an exquisite swingtop and urn finial; the Sylvan stands 50" high, with a 26 x 21" footprint.It has 3 mica windows to view the fire. Made by Co-op Foundry of Rochester, NY.  An impressive centerpiece for any room.

This antique stove:  $3250.00
More pictures on request. 

 Sylvan Red Cross No. 133
 Zero No. 23 antique box stove  
Zero No. 23 antique box stove

The Zero is a large size, highly decorative box stove, with extra thick cast. Even the cookplate on top has an intaglio hex design. Made by Knox Stove Works of Knoxville, TN, it is 16 x 30", and 24" high. Inside of door has 'Garland' imprint. 

This antique stove:  $1050.00


Giant No. 16

Made by Rathbone & Sard, of Albany, Chicago, Detroit, and dated 1878,  this antique box stove has lots of very crisp patterning in its design. It is 22" long, 16" wide, and 19" high. 

This antique stove:  $750.00
 Giant No. 16 antique box stove
 Troy Column Stove  

Troy Column Stove

An historic 1840's column stove made by Johnson-Geer and Cox of Troy, NY.  This is before the time when they started to give names to stoves. Very majestic Greek revival style; this stove is 45" high, with a 19" x 7"  firepot and a broad 36" hearth plate.

This antique stove: Sale pending! $2650.00
 Estate Oak F312  

Estate Oak F312

Made by F & L Kahn & Bros., of Hamilton, Ohio, the Estate Oak stands 50" high, and 24" side, with a 12" firepot. A unique small sized oak stove with resplendent duck wings and beautifully patterned nickel trim.

This antique stove:  $2850.00

Palace Oak No. 18

A handsome 1889 oak stove with decorative patterning, three large mica windows and a gorgeous finial, the Palace Oak is an impressive presence. It stands 60" high, with a 30 x 30" footprint and an 18" firepot.
Made by E. Bement & Sons of Lansing, MI

This antique stove:  $2650.00

 Palace Oak No.18
 Peekskill 1853 Franklin Stove  

Peekskill 1853 Franklin Stove

Made by National Stove Works of Peekskill, NY, this 1853 Franklin fireplace stove can be freestanding or set into a fireplace. It has a removable front with mica windows and three legs. It stands 33" to top of finial, with a 27" x 18" base and an oval firebox. Exquisitely ornate and an historic antique as well.

This antique stove:  $2850.00 
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