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Tyson Furnace Mayflower

Gem Bay State No. 140

Oak Garland No. 18

Royal Acorn No. 215

A large box stove made by Howard Stove Co or Beaver Falls, PA, circa 1880, The Cantalope is 28" high, 20" wide, and 41" long with a 30" firebox. Heavy cast, and fruit patterns on all sides.

This antique stove:  $1350.  

Cantalope No. 31

A very early ten plate cookstove patented 1850 by Leibrandt & McDowell, Philadelphia Stove Works, PA. 36" high on its scissor-leg base, and is 34" long.  Ample 16 x 22 firebox and 12 x 20 oven above. Latch doors on 3 sides, perfect condition and historically restored. 

This Antique Stove: $2850. Sold!

Made by Favorite Stove and Range Co., of Piqua, Ohio, circa 1905, this classic baseheater stove stands 66" high, and a 14" firepot with coal magazine. Absolutely beautiful, with mica window doors on three sides.

This Antique Stove:  $6200.

Made by Michigan Stove Co., of Detroit and Chicago, this majestic stove stands 63" high, with an 18" firepot, double winged finial, and very pretty detailed patterning all around.  An exceptional antique oak stove.

This Antique Stove:  $3650.

Made by Sherman S. Jewett & Co of Buffalo, NY, this medium sized antique box stove stands 21" high, with a 15" x 16 1/2" footprint, and a16" x 8" firebox. A nice size heating stove and in great condition. Very pretty design on all sides, nice wide hearth-piece, and cookplate on top. This antique stove: $850.00

Made by Northwestern Stove Works of Minneapolis, MN, this stunning oak heater is 58" high with an 18" firepot. It has a unique octagonal base and footrails, with a perforated skirt ring, and beautiful detail throughout. A commanding presence in any home.

This  antique stove: $3600.

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Leibrandt McDowell door latch detail

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Cantalope side detail

Bucks Gem detail

Mayflower door detail

Bay State Gem swingtop

Oak Garland finial

A large capacity wood stove by Co-op Stove Works of Troy, NY, 1881, the Garnet stands 55" high, with a 26" firebox. Two original ceramic tiles, solid brass finial, 3 mica windows, side shelf and two cookplates. Rare and exquisite.

This antique stove: $4100.00

"Cast from the Past"

Made by Bucks Stove & Range Co. of St Louis, this very unique box stove stands 20 " high, and 25" long, with a 15" footprint and an 18" x 8" firebox. Embossed buck's head on front door.

This Antique Stove:  $850.

By Rathbone, Sard & Co, of Albany and Aurora, c,1910, this stunning baseburner stands 71" high, with a 30" footprint and 15" firepot. Three sides of mica windows and doors.

This Antique Stove: Sold! $7400.

Garnet No. 26

Jewett Fancy No. 21

Acme Oak No. 516

Favorite Baseburner No. 14

Security Oak No. 18

Made by The Gem City Stove Co., Dayton, Ohio, this large oak stove stands 58" high with an 18" firepot,

for wood, 26" sq. footprint, and beautiful finial.

This antique stove:  $3450.00 

Clermont Oak 118

Acme Oak door detail

Favorite Baseburner

Made by Barstow Stove Co., of Boston  circa 1885, this early baseheater stands 56" high, with a 23 1/2" footprint and a 12" firepot for coal. Mica door and original beautiful brass urn finial. Also, glass 'gem' knob as pull for swingtop.

This Antique Stove:  $3550.

Bucks Gem No. 18

Leibrandt and McDowell 1850

Made by Estate of P.D Beckwith of Dowagiac, Mich., this extra large baseheater is a premium antique stove. It stands 74" high, with a 29" footprint, and 17" firepot. Patented 1907, the Round Oak H51 has three sides of mica windows and doors, and its original Indian head finial.

Quite an amazing stove!

This Antique Stove:  $8100.

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Round Oak H 51 baseburner

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Garnet tile detail

Jewett door detail

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Made by Newark Stove Works of Chicago, this medium size oak stove stands 56" high, with a 24" sq. footprint,  and a 16" firepot for hardwood or coal. Unusual square footrail and really lovely filigree design on the front doors and swingtop.

This Antique Stove:  $3450.

Made by C.W. Warnick, of Philadelphia, PA, this 1848 three legged box stove was made before stoves had 'names'.

17" firebox, 28" long and 17 1/2" high. Highly ornate and in perfect condition, this is both a very beautiful and a very rare stove. 

This antique stove: $2250.00

C.W. Warnick No. 3

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Made in 1839 by Tyson Furnace of Plymouth, VT, this very early historic box stove has become known as the 'Mayflower Stove', because of the sailing ships on both sides. It stands 18 1/2" high, with a 16" firebox. 

This Antique Stove:  $1450.

Warnick lid detail

Clermont nameplate