Made by Fuller Warren Co., Troy, NY, 1857, this very ornate wood parlor stove stands 36" high, with a 32" x 25" footprint, and a 10" x 23" firebox, with a back refractory liner, sliding front doors, and a humidifier finial.

This Antique Stove: $1850. Sold!

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Even More Antique Stoves

Made by Rock Island Stove Co., in Illinois, this smaller size oak stove stands 51" high, has a 14" firepot and a 20" sq. base. Beautiful mica window door to view the fire. Very classy and not overly frilly.
This Antique Stove:
  $2200. Sold!

Unique wood parlor stove by Pratt & Perkins, Boston. 1852. Stands 36"  high with 21" x 10" firepot. Lots of nice detail, made to resemble an organ. Sliding doors on front open to original filigree fence, plus a side loading door. Firebrick lining.

This antique stove: $2100. Sold!

By Magee Furnace Co., Boston, 1899, early baseheater. Cherub cup finial, and oven on top! Lined 12" firepot and filigree piggyback. 59" high.This stove heated a big Victorian house, standing in the entry foyer, looking beautiful.

This Antique Stove:  $3250.

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A highly ornate 1850 parlor stove made by H.J. Ruggles of West Poultney, VT. This charming historic stove stands 35" high with a 21" x 25" footprint. Two sets of front doors, and side door. Rare and optimal condition.

This Antique Stove: $2650. Sold!

Green Mountain parlor stove

Civil War era stove, patented 1862, by Fuller Warren and Co., Troy, NY. Early baseheater with original backpipe, excellent condition.Stands 51" high, with 9" x 12" firebrick lined firepot. Cooktop with orig. roasting rack, and urn finial for fragrant water.

This antique stove:  $2950.  Sold!

By Favorite Stove Co., Piqua, Ohio, this pretty cottage stove is 55" high, 27" wide, 18" deep,with a 20" firebox for wood. Two stove lids on top and lots of early patterning. Heat and cook!

This antique stove: $2650.

A classic Round Oak circa 1900-1905 by Estate of P.D. Beckwith of Dowagiac, Mich. The D16  stands 56" high, with a 19" footprint and a 16" firepot. Beautiful  finial. Grate is for wood.

This Antique Stove: $2550.

Ginger Creek Antique Stoves

Made by Foster Co., Ironton, Ohio, this medium size oak stove stands 51" high, with a 22" sq. footprint, and a 15" firepot for coal or wood. Beautiful pattern and nickel trim detail.
This Antique Stove:

Organ parlor No. 2

Comfort Hot Blast No. 818

Riverside Oak No. 33

"Cast from the Past"

Green Mountain detail

Featured Antique stove:

Red Cross Oak No. 318

Round Oak D16

Superb Oak No. 17

Stella No. 20

Made by Scranton Stove Works, Scranton, PA, this large size oak stove stands 67" high, with a 28" square footprint and a 20" firepot for wood. Very ornate patterning, and awesome heater. 

This Antique Stove:$3550.

P.P. Stewart's Parlor No. 2

Mistletoe No. 3

Made by W.D. Sager, Chicago.

61"high, 18" firepot, 26" x 26" footprint. Large capacity heating stove, for wood, with nice nickel trim.

This Antique Stove:$2850.

Monitor Oak 18

Gem Dockash 204

Round Oak D16 finial

Peekskill window detail

Stella Detail

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More Antique Stoves


Monitor pattern detail

P.P. Stewart cooktop

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Ginger Creek Antique Stoves,  Taylorsville, N. Carolina

Palace Oak nameplate

Mistletoe finial

Gem Dockash door

Made by Weir Stove Co., Taunton, Mass, this classic oak stove stands 60" high with 25 x 25 footprint and 16" firepot. Four mica windows and gorgeous surround skirt.

This Antique Stove: $3750. Sold!

Glenwood Oak 30

By Mt. Penn Stove Works, Reading, PA, circa 1890's, this large potbelly stands 50" high, with a 24" x 26" footprint, and a 17" firepot.Sliding front feed door, with decorative patterning and belly ring. For wood or coal.

This Antique Stove:  $2650.

Glenwood side view

A large size oak stove,by W.M. Resor & Co, Cincinnati, Ohio. 50" high, 26" x 20" footprint, 18" firepot, for wood or coal. Very nice detailing with a more conservative look.

This Antique Stove: $2650.

Express potbelly 20

Onward Leader

Express door detail

Onward Leader door detail

Large size oak stove, by Co-operative Foundry,  Rochester, NY, the Red Cross Oak stands 60" high, with a 28" x 28" footprint and 17" firepot for coal or wood.  Classic oak stove with eight big mica windows,, gorgeous nickel trim and surround skirt, and fancy swingtop and finial.

This Antique Stove:$3950.