Our associate, Brian Spandl of Mill Lake Metal Finishing offers expert nickel plating for antique stoves. He is located in Long Prairie, Minnesota.  In addition, he also does copper and brass polishing and plating. To get an estimate for re-plating nickel trim pieces for your stove contact Brian directly at (320) 594-2799 or email at:  mill.lake@hotmail.com  .


We ship to any location in the continental United States.  In order to make sure your stove arrives safe and sound, we charge a crating fee, generally between $75. and $150., depending on the size and weight of the stove. 

We use R and L Carriers, sending a lift-gate truck  to your residence or business. Shipping rates are very reasonable and are available on request.

Contact us for a shipping quote.  

Appraisals for Antique Stoves

Ginger Creek Antique Stoves

Taylorsville, N. Carolina

​​​​​​Shipping Our Antique Stoves

We are currently not offering appraisals for antique stoves.

"Cast from the Past"

Ginger Creek Antique Stoves

Nickel Plating Services

​Restoration and Shipping Services

Here are some examples of our custom built crates.

The restoration work at Ginger Creek Antique Stoves is premium quality. Each stove is authentically restored from the inside out: disassembled, sandblasted, repainted, and resealed, and the nickel trim replated. Damaged parts are meticulously welded, replaced or recast with careful attention to historical detail.

We do all our own sandblasting, welding, resealing, and painting. We have pieces recast or replated as needed. References for our superior workmanship and customer satisfaction are available upon request.

It is very important to us to make sure that all our stoves are restored to be as historically correct as possible, as that is the best way to preserve their original beauty and function.

Please Note: Due to supply shortages and service issues, we are not taking more restoration projects until further notice.